Multi Voucher Entry

Quick Entry (Advanced) : In Tally Erp 9 This add-on helps users to create multiple Payment Receipt Contra Vouchers in one forms. Selection of Cash or Bank and other details differently for every transaction, and it can make multiple entries from single screen. with Bill-By-Bill Selection, Cheque no, Cost Centre in one form. Quick Multiple Vouchers With Auto increase Creations Time.

Quick Entry In Single Form
Bank Or Cash Select For All Voucher
Select Payment / Receipt / Contra
Select Bill By Bill
Start From Gateway of Tally

4 Responses

  1. manu says:

    hello sir/mam
    i need this option
    can u provide us
    what is cost for it

  2. bhavesh lalchandani says:

    i need this & cost

  3. Arun says:

    Hi I am interested in this TDL what will be cost

  4. khushal s khivansara says:


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